Value Benchmarker

Having potential is good. 
Being able to validate it is better.

With KPIs to a well-founded potential analysis in just a few minutes.

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Good, better, the best?

How far away is your company from its actual possible best performance? And what is currently preventing you from reaching your full potential?

Based on the largest, SME-specific database, the Value Benchmarker reveals what value enhancement is achievable for you. Without a lengthy evaluation process. But through a quick analysis based on the most important value levers.

This is how it becomes concrete

The Value Benchmarker not only identifies your decisive value levers, but also quantifies the potentials of measures in the form of operational key performance indicators.

Through the assessment of concrete needs for action and indications of potential, a sustainable and reliably effective impact on results can be achieved in the long term.

Seven good reasons

With the right combination of data analytics expertise and extensive expert and industry knowledge, the Value Benchmarker – and thus you – will reach your goal faster. With seven concrete results for effective value enhancement and entrepreneurial resilience:

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Results that count.
Decisions that matter.

You want to test your entrepreneurial potential directly. And as concretely as possible? Then start your best performance diagnosis now. With the Value Benchmarker, we determine your achievable benchmark targets and the indicative measures on the way there in just a short time.

Interested? Then contact our Value Benchmarker team or simply try out our self-assessment here:

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