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Clear communication and professional reporting standards with the courage to state the (unembellished) truth speed up the reconciliation process, breed confidence and improve credit ratings.

Entrepreneurs are generally well advised to present their financial backers with prospects that are more conservative than their actual expectations. If entrepreneurs find the courage to openly broach the subject of challenges at the P&L and cash flow level, this usually brings a lot of respect. Because this is then less likely to be interpreted as a management error, and far more likely to be considered proof of management competence and risk awareness. Dealing with critical data in this way is especially advantageous when crises put a strain on business activities.

If the negative changes in your business activities persist, you should definitely talk to all (!) of your financial backers and – duly prepared – discuss a plan of action. At this stage at the latest, you should also talk to experts in communication in critical corporate phases.

External support

Just as your market supervisor gets support from within his institute, you should also make sure you have access to special expertise, with legal advice as well as operational advice. Because what entrepreneurs need in such a critical situation is usually a restructuring report or a continuation concept, which must be put together by an independent third party (restructuring expert, turnaround manager). In these times of uncertainty, nervousness and blame, it is important that you keep hold of the reins and communicate accordingly.

“Advance communication” in the crisis

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We will accompany and support you in this phase – with no ifs or buts. Without compromise, we are absolutely committed to finding the best possible solution for your company. A solution that convinces everyone in the end, because everyone feels understood and included.

Talk to our experts for corporate finance and sophisticated stakeholder management – we know what needs doing, we know your financers, and we enjoy their confidence. Above all, however, we know that and in what regard the demands on your communications management and reporting change in situations like this that threaten the very existence of your company.


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Konrad Fröhlich Senior Partner Attorney-at-Law

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Georgiy Michailov Managing Partner Diploma in Economics, B.M. (TSUoE)

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Marc-René Faerber Managing Partner Diploma in Industrial Engineering, EMCCC (Insead)

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