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Whether you are talking about the studying and preparation of industry, state-specific or organisational knowledge for presentation, or about everything worth knowing on the subjects of going concern forecasts and restructuring reports - our work always focuses on achieving a practical added value.

Available now: Our new book “Redesigning Business Models”

How to evaluate dimensions, identify value levers and implement transformation effectively. All this and more is what we will show you with practical examples in our new book, “Redesigning Business Models”. Don’t miss it.

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No plan survives contact with reality

In times of dynamic events, many uncertainties and crises, planning must be flexible, agile and efficient. Count von Moltke was already aware of this 130 years ago. Rigid plans quickly become bad plans. What we need is enough room for quick decisions, changes, new directions and ways to react to the unpredictable challenges, some of which were not thought possible. This is exactly where our KEPs approach to managing critical events and premises comes in. This approach has already proven itself in the highly dynamic environment of transformation as well as turnaround situations and can be implemented in the company with very little effort.  Read more in our article in the new standard work "Planning and Forecasting", which you can buy directly via the link below.

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Our new book about transformation and the redesigning of business models

“Evaluating business models correctly – identifying the potential for added value in 5 steps” brings together the experience we have gathered over decades of being responsible for the re-designing of business models. If you as an executive are dealing with questions such as “What do we have to do to stand out from the crowd in the face of today’s fierce competition?”, we recommend the following book:

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Establishing value-creation networks with digitalised services

Your way to success with a lean-service cycle and the development of digital service systems. New offers and business models have emerged in the context of Industry 4.0. This has also increased the need for practice-oriented knowledge. This compact overview fills a gap.  Backed up by many examples, it brings together knowledge from different areas. SMP contribution on the subject of “Servitisation in engineering”.

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Modern restructuring management

Restructuring as a holistic task: strategic repositioning, operational improvement and financial stabilisation. This standard work provides you with the necessary business and legal tools to prevent and recognise crises and to implement turnaround and restructuring programmes professionally. We are delighted to be able to contribute a chapter on successful performance-based restructuring. In it we show how a holistic and value-oriented redesign of the business model can lead to a successful corporate turnaround

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Our turnaround bestseller

“Turnaround-Management in der Praxis” [“Turnaround management in practice”] builds on the experience gained by the authors over three decades of consultancy work – from analysis via concept to responsible hands-on management.

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