Resilience and Performance Enhancement

Stronger than ever.
And starting right now.

The future only exists if you work on it today.

Is what makes you successful really what secures your future? Or do your strongest resilience and performance potentials actually lie elsewhere? As pioneers of growth-oriented turnarounds, we are familiar with crisis scenarios. We know how to emerge stronger than ever, and even better, how to counter crises in good time. With targeted resilience and performance enhancement that uncovers structural weaknesses as well as undiscovered strengths and sets the operational course for greater resilience and future growth. So that your company outgrows itself (and others). 
Countably successful. Decisively better.

Countably successful

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    Resilience expertise at its best

    Business model redesign

    Evaluating dimensions, identifying value levers and effectively shaping transformation. We show you all this and more with practical examples in our book "Business Model Redesign". Be curious.

    Decidedly better:
    Lasting resilience thanks to a value-oriented business model

    The world - and with it the German SME sector - is undergoing massive, sometimes unpredictable change. Every company is required to put its business model to the test and prepare itself at an early stage in order to successfully master the challenges. Our methodology is based on decades of experience in crisis management and prevention. Our success factor: a stringently derived value proposition. And this encompasses all value dimensions in a dynamic cycle - from value positioning to value extraction.

    "Don't go the way of the competition, because that only leads to where others already are."

    Georgiy Michailov, Managing Partner

    Secure the future in three steps

    Regardless of a company's individual liquidity and earnings situation, it is always important to anticipate the relevant trends and focus clearly on the company's core strengths, realistic time horizons in the implementation of a resilience program geared towards profitability and defined measures.

    • 1. Recognize potential for resilience

      Relevant resilience potential and, above all, the economic situation are identified and evaluated.

    • 2. Define performance paths

      Defining performance paths. The greatest potentials are prioritized and addressed.

    • 3. Implementing a resilience program

      A corresponding resilience program is formulated and implemented based on the performance paths.

      Performance Programs

      Up to here and beyond. Take the performance check and discover our performance programs for successful value enhancement.


      Resilience for family businesses

      Attack instead of becoming vulnerable. Take the family stress test and discover the benefits of the E3 resilience formula for family businesses.


      Value Benchmark

      Having potential is good. Being able to validate it is better. Start your best performance diagnosis now. In just five days, we will determine your achievable benchmark targets and the indicative measures on the way there.


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      Georgiy Michailov Managing Partner Diploma in Economics, B.M. (TSUoE)

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      David Südi Partner Diploma in Economics

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