David Südi


Diploma in Economics Berlin, *1967 At Struktur Management Partner since 1996

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"If you don't want to listen, you can't lead either."


I graduated in economics in Bonn and got to know Struktur Management Partner as an intern in 1996. Subsequently, I started working regularly on various turnaround, growth and market research projects as a freelancer. Even then, I was fascinated by the value-creating and value-preserving sense of our work, and so turnarounds became my profession when I took on a permanent position at Struktur Management Partner; since 2005 I have been a partner and shareholder of our company. I mainly support family businesses with sales in the three-digit million range and more complex structures; almost exclusively on site and in very close cooperation with management and shareholders.


  • Turnaround, growth and financing concepts
  • Corporate finance, integrated business planning, liquidity planning and management, support for mergers & acquisitions
  • Responsible operational implementation management, interim management
  • Expert opinions on reorganisation and securing financing
  • Sector focus: Mechanical and plant engineering, automotive, renewable energies, foodstuffs


  • Since 1996 more than 80 clients in more than 120 projects for upper-level mid-sized companies, mostly with international orientation in the German, Hungarian and English language areas
  • Expert opinions according to IDW S6 and BGH
  • Partner at Struktur Management Partner since 2005
  • Interim site and plant management, various interim commercial management positions
  • Interim automotive management in Hungary (approx. 1,100 employees)

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