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Business model redesign

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How do you reliably recognise value levers? And how can new dimensions be evaluated and transformation effectively shaped? The answers to these questions can be found in the new handbook “Business model redesign”.

How does it work exactly? That is what is revealed in this book. So why not give in to your curiosity and allow yourself to be inspired?

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Using hundreds of real examples from practice, it shows how we have used radical transformations to put ailing companies back on the road to success. Our key to success: a stringently derived value proposition. And that covers all the value dimensions in a dynamic cycle – from value positioning to value extraction.

Self-assessment to determine potential

What is the concrete need for action in your company?
Our potential determination process identifies which value levers are required to exploit unused potential.

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The SMP value loop (SMP Wertschleife®)

1. The value positioning to be determined, company-specific and differentiated according to market.

2. The value proposition, stringently derived from the value positioning.

3. Value creation that effectively and efficiently secures delivery on the value proposition.

4. Value capture that is as innovative as it is profitable, and finally:

5. Value discipline, by which we mean the positive results of all management staff and instruments that actively manage value dimensions 1–4.

As you can see, our business model approach follows a continuous dynamic loop, beginning with value positioning and then systematically feeding back so that the value flow is as controlled as it is adaptive.

This is why we call our dynamic, systematic approach the “SMP value loop” (SMP-Wertkreislauf®).

Business model redesign

Practical relevance with added value

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Georgiy Michailov Managing Partner Diploma in Economics, B.M. (TSUoE)

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Jan Stange Alumni and currently CTO in the midmarket MSc.BA