Securing Financing

Time is money.
Confidence is
more money.

No time to lose when it matters.

No time, no money, no certainty – is that your current business situation? Because there are quite a few challenges to face in times of COVID-19:

  • The securing and management of liquidity
  • Short-term liquidity requirements in scenarios
  • Applications for financial assistance
  • Working capital optimisation with performance analytics
  • Crisis and stakeholder communication

Let’s not waste time and money. Talk to us!

SMP immediate measures for your company:

  • Installation and establishment of a powerful liquidity task force
  • with daily meetings to evaluate and manage the situation, as well as the consistent implementation of the associated decisions
  • Establishment of a digital operations centre with liquidity radar as a risk assessment and monitoring tool
  • Establishment of a liquidity office
  • Introduction of a no-go policy
  • Use of rolling weekly liquidity planning
  • Adjustment of corporate planning
  • Short report on the application for state support measures or funding
  • Professional and effective 360° financer and stakeholder management
  • Scenario analysis and planning plausibility check/IBR
  • Optimisation of profitability and cash flow through performance programmes

Finance in the short term.
Secure in the long term.

Our approach in tough financing situations:

1. Measure

We help you protect your solvency or restore it in as little time as possible. This means fighting to secure bridge financing, in most cases from with your existing financing partners. Our success rate is 95%.

Our procedure: First we define the “liquidity status quo”, determining whether all your debts are serviceable. We work with experienced solicitors for additional expertise, principally in gauging insolvency risk. If the determined status quo plus three-week forecast permit modest optimism, we then concentrate on liquidity planning for the next 13-week period which is compelling enough to get all stakeholders on board.

2. Measure

Develop a realistic business case outlining the viability outlook for your company with maximum transparency. For having such a transparent and compelling basis is a prerequisite for finding alternative financing solutions and/or new lenders. We deploy our own consultants and external financial restructuring experts to this end,

and can source additional tools and advice from our network partners as needed (see figure adjacent).

Our methodology, proven effective in practice hundreds of cases, is also key to our work, which rapidly creates detailed transparency regarding liquidity-promoting measures, claims, inventories and potential stakeholder contributions. Identifying untapped potential found within the company itself is a particular focus within this approach.

3. Measure

We prepare an independent business review with summary expert evaluation as well as a professional restructuring audit per IDW S6/BGH – documents which clearly outline growth prospects for your banks and other financing partners to consider.

As that phase comes to an end, you get the benefit of our strong reputation in the financing community, built up over 40 years, as well as our proven negotiation strategies and skills.

Emergency mode in practice

Professional and effective 360° stakeholder management.


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