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Confidence is your capital. And we are the experts in confidence-building measures.

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Solid corporate financing is not possible without confidence. But how do you quantify the value of the specific confidence in a company?

It is clear that: risk-appropriate corporate financing (including creditors, structures and conditions) is a broad field. But above all, it is an extremely important one. This is particularly evident when money becomes tight and expensive for a company, or when over-indebtedness or insolvency loom.

Then what is required is comprehensive knowledge of the market, a high level of expertise, and honest intuition. Because a short-term financial hedging possibility must be found as quickly as possible. And just as quickly, it must also be clarified whether financial restructuring will be necessary and if so, how far-reaching it will be.

With us, you will enjoy credit

We are as familiar with emergency financial measures as we are with professional financer communications and capital raising. If necessary, we are supported by our partner company, Corporate Finance Management, and our relevant networks.

We have a high reputation in financing circles. With us, you will enjoy credit at any time. This can pay off for you, especially if your financing expires in a difficult phase, the investment needs are unforeseeably high, or your rate of indebtedness increases.

In such phases, the focus on capital raising, refinancing and perhaps even operational projects is existential. But do not give up your value orientation in a crisis! Parallel to the financial activities, we concentrate from the very beginning on putting your operative business quickly, holistically and sustainably on track for success. Why not talk to our corporate finance expert about it? Competently, effectively and quickly, we will help you to progress – with results that count. With decisions that matter.

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Results that count.
Decisions that matter.

We are proud of our combined personal track record, with over 150 operations across the Corporate Finance segment. This includes operations in the areas of financing, restructuring, and mergers & acquisitions.


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