Performance Programmes

Up to here, and
then upward and onward.

Yesterday’s successes are good. But also dangerous. Especially when they become the biggest obstacle to tomorrow’s successes.

“Yesterday”, the product life cycle was quite different.

“Yesterday”, your ability to invest and capacity for innovation were different. And “yesterday”, when you were assessing your future market potential, the digital maturity of your company was not an issue.

But what counts “today”? And even more importantly, what is going to make you successful “tomorrow”? There are all sorts of things that can have a negative effect on the profitability, competitiveness and growth capacity of your company, even within a very short period of time.

So what is the state of your organisation’s resilience today, and revenue growth tomorrow?

Value creators sought – and found



An output check tells us a) how efficiently value is being created, and b) how effectively the organisation is working together.

The performance data collected is weighted and evaluated from the outset with a focus on improvement measures that have a rapid impact.


Problem solving

Our performance programmes are developed individually and according to the state of the organisation and the potential for improvement. They are holistic in approach and systematically follow the psychology of the evolving organisation or of the team. This means: On the basis of the core strength(s) of a company – which must be determined – the performance-relevant structural and process-related measures are prioritised with regard to their success potentials. And this is then translated into a consistently quantified implementation plan.



The design of the implementation concept is crucial for the measurable impact of the performance-enhancing measures. It is put together according to which promoters, projects and/or solutions are particularly suited to generating a high level of attention and acceptance on the part of the employees, because these determine the output (performance enhancement/earnings increase/value enhancement) of any measures implemented.

Let’s start

We begin the cooperation with our clients by forming cross-functional teams (client, SMP), and analysing the current state of affairs in the company. As your Structural Management Partners, we structure this process, ensure operational and performance transparency, and “seize” on anything that could create value, in order to foster, nurture, and strengthen it.

We usually find what we are looking for in the sales, operations, processes, digitalisation and corporate finance areas.


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Georgiy Michailov Managing Partner Diploma in Economics, B.M. (TSUoE)

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Heinrich Judt Partner Diploma in Business Studies

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