Heinrich Judt


Diploma in Business Studies München, *1978 At Struktur Management Partner since 2005

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"You are responsible not only for what you do, but also for what you do not do."


Already during my basic studies in economics in Paderborn I worked for a management consultancy as a project assistant. I was able to gain extensive experience in the projects with and for customers.

After joining Struktur Management Partner in 2005, I supported numerous turnaround and revenue-increasing projects in the manufacturing industry. In 2010 I became a partner and have been responsible for internal knowledge management in the form of our competence centres, our conferences and our internal training system ever since. My project focus is on corporate finance and concept development in the context of complex analysis projects. In recent years, I have also assumed operational responsibility with general power of attorney or as managing director; if the client so wishes.


  • Concept development of turnaround and profit-increase projects for upper-level medium-sized companies
  • Company analyses, planning plausibility checks and commercial management
  • Demanding project management
  • Operational implementation management, if required also as managing director or as CRO with general power of attorney


  • Extensive experience in more than twelve years and over 45 projects for upper-level medium-sized companies