Building confidence – competently and effectively.

Von sich reden machen kann man schnell. Sich einen Namen in der Branche zu erarbeiten, erfordert dagegen mehr.

It’s easy to get people talking about you. But making a name for yourself in the industry takes more.

We thus see our current recommendation rate of 98% as both praise and something to spur us on. Every year, we receive 20 to 30 testimonials from our clients, evaluating the quality of our cooperation and in particular the results of our projects in a few sentences. For reasons of confidentiality, we only make these personal testimonials from individual clients available on request, but we are happy to provide contact details for the relevant contact persons, who can provide more detailed information on particular subjects or industry-specific references.

Customer testimonials

If it's up to our customers: SMP in first place

Success in the best company: For ten years, we have been among Germany's best turnaround consultants according to the annual, independent survey by brand eins. Ten years ago, we were overjoyed to be named at all. Nine years ago, we set ourselves the goal of making it into the top 10. Four years later, the top 5 was our goal.

Today, we are at the top. Together with the industry giant Boston Consulting Group. This is not only an honor for us, but also a significant confirmation of our work. Because we are not just standing on this place, but because our clients have rated us so. What comes next? The same as in the last ten years: nothing out of the ordinary. Only the right things. But exceptionally good.

How we are rated
by independent expert juries

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Struktur Management Partner is Top Consultant for the third time!

The pioneer of Turnaround Management takes silver in the TOP CONSULTANT competition!

Having already done so in 2018 and 2020, with the TOP CONSULTANT seal of 2022, Struktur Management Partner has now gained the award for the third time – yet again being placed among the top 3 companies in size category C (more than 50 experts). The coveted award is based on a scientific study carried out by an independent jury, and the objective evaluation of an anonymous customer survey. The excellent result is not only a great success for us, but also a measurable confirmation of our guiding principle: Results that count. Decisions that matter.

“The attitude and high level of identification with our company are exceptional. Struktur Management Partner’s consultants are focused on individual client needs and provide tailor-made solutions, support us in difficult times with a high level of personal commitment, and maintain friendly relationships within the organisation. The cooperation is highly respectful on both sides and will hopefully continue beyond the current commission.” – Client testimonial from TOP CONSULTANT “Benchmarking Report”" – Client testimonial from TOP CONSULTANT “Benchmarking Report”

FOCUS Business:

Top Consultant 2021 + 2022

FOCUS magazine surveyed more than 1,800 experts to find out who they say are the leading management consultancies.

This unprecedented survey was conducted to provide a transparent overview of the consulting market and the leading consultancies from the points of view of both clients and consulting industry professionals themselves.

Structure Management Partner was named Top Consultant for both 2021 and 2022 in the


categories of Restructuring, Commerce, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Change Management.

These latest awards come as the fruit of our long-standing total commitment to earning the best possible recommendations from our clients. Our recommendation rate of currently 98% has been a primary factor in the many distinctions bestowed upon us in recent years by independent institutions.

brand eins survey: SMP ranks in the top 2% of German consultancies

Business magazine brand eins has ranked Structure Management Partner among Germany’s leading management consultancies for the tenth time in a row. Even as a small consulting boutique. The market rankings place us among the top twenty consultancies in our core area of restructuring, and in the categories of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Transport, Traffic and Logistics. The rankings are based on joint surveys conducted by brand eins Wissen and Statista.

Some 1,500 of our colleagues who are experts at major consultancies and 1,500 clients gave assessments based on the experiences they have had with firms in the consulting industry. 

While confirming the value of our work, the rankings furthermore create a powerful motivation to become even better.

2019 study of the German restructuring market

A study of the German restructuring market conducted by the prominent IfUS Institute revealed that we are one of the three highest-ranking restructuring specialists for all crisis phases, and were ranked first by turnaround-seeking client firms with turnover up to 250 million euros.

Structure Management Partner is one of the top three consulting firms in the category of Planning Competence and in the most operations-relevant categories of Implementation Competence, Operational Restructuring Competence and Stakeholder Mediation Competence.


Dietmar Buchfink
Managing Partner
Technical Diploma in Business Studies
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Marc-René Faerber
Managing Partner
Diploma in Industrial Engineering, EMCCC (Insead)
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Georgiy Michailov
Managing Partner
Diploma in Economics, B.M. (TSUoE)
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