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We like to exchange ideas. Seek a contentious dialogue with the best in their field. And answer questions yourself. If you also like plain language on exciting topics, then welcome to the LeaderTalks.

SMP LeaderTalks Guest Episodes

SMP LeaderTalks with Georgiy Michailov

Guest Episodes

5. March 2024

Guest Episodes

It all depends on the mindset - Georgiy Michailov as a guest of Bastian Frien in the Podcast "What’s up, Corporate Finance?"

The challenges currently facing the restructuring industry could not be greater.

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21. February 2024

Guest Episodes

Radical transformations in crises and business model redesign - Georgiy Michailov as a guest of Christina Grubendorfer in the LEA podcast "Developing Organizations"

When companies get into difficulties, the only thing that usually helps is radical transformation.

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5. January 2024

Guest Episodes

10 guiding principles for life from ‘Lex Fridman of Germany’ - Georgiy Michailov as guest with Mark Poppenborg in the podcast “MarkUp”

In 2022, Mark Poppenborg was invited to the SMP LeaderTalk by Georgiy Michailov. Now our Managing Partner at Poppenborg is a guest on their podcast “MarkUp”.

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