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#57 | Disempower MINDFUCKS

SMP LeaderTalks

5. June 2024

Georgiy Michailov meets Dr. Petra Bock

About blocking thought patterns, inner dialog and developing potential.

1 h 20 Min

“The thought patterns of our ancestors are not suitable to bring us into a good future.”

We live in a time of abundance: prosperity. Access to information whenever we want. State-of-the-art medicine. And maximum freedom of choice. Yet many people feel empty and lost inside. Rates of depression and mental illness are higher than ever. A paradox - because why is the world around us so full and our inner selves so empty? Our guest today on the latest SMP LeaderTalk episode sees the reason for this in thought patterns that are no longer appropriate for our lives today.

“If something has developed historically, then it can also be understood and changed.”

Dr. Petra Bock is a bestselling author, one of the most sought-after coaches and management consultants. Her specialty: MINDFUCKS. The term she developed herself refers to thought patterns that block us and prevent us from developing our full potential. In conversation with Georgiy Michailov, Bock explains how, for example, catastrophic or judgmental thought patterns from an earlier time still strongly influence our actions today. And how we can manage to recognize and overcome these paradigms in order to enjoy a better quality of life.

“We can train and positively influence the quality of our inner dialog.”

The two also talk about the historical development of our thought patterns. About the psychodynamics behind the constant survival mode and its effects on our society. And about how to recognize and calm your inner critical voice in challenging situations and thus promote your emotional intelligence. 

*Video only in German

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