Benjamin Niethammer


Diploma in Business Administration and Industrial Engineering Worms, *1982 At Struktur Management Partner since 2012

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"Things are as they are – but they become what you make out of them!"


My passion for SMEs developed while I was still a student of business administration and industrial engineering at the University of Karlsruhe (Technische Hochschule/TH). My work at the interface between value creation processes on the one hand and commercial issues on the other caused my professional aspirations to crystallise: I wanted to be able to build holistic business models, to find implementation-oriented solutions with a hands-on approach, and for my work to be highly effective in contributing to the success of my clients.

“Measurably successful in supporting medium-sized companies through change processes”.

This value proposition at Struktur Management Partner dovetailed perfectly with my ideal values, ultimately leading to me joining the company in 2012. I have been managing transformation and revenue enhancement projects with our clients ever since, in conceptual and especially in implementation phases, working in close cooperation with company management and shareholders. In addition to the client projects, I lead our internal Competence Centre in implementation management, and am involved in the Competence Centre operations. In this function I am continuously developing the methodological components required to optimise value-added processes in the manufacturing industries.


  • Concept creation and effective implementation of transformation and revenue enhancement projects
  • Leadership of Competence Centre in implementation management
  • Competence Centre operations and processes (production, purchasing and logistics)
  • Focuses in terms of sector: Manufacturing industries, especially mechanical engineering and the automotive, furniture and food industries


  • Many years of experience in responsible positions in turnaround and performance management in higher-revenue medium-sized companies, with more than 30 clients over the last 12 years,
  • including restructuring in the areas of mechanical engineering (turnover approx. EUR 150 million), the foundry industry (hand and machine-mould casting, turnover approx. EUR 50–200 million), and the automotive supply industry (turnover approx. EUR 80–150 million), and complexity management in the automotive industry (OEM, turnover > EUR 100 billion), and the food industry (turnover EUR 400 million)

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