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Performance Programmes

Up to here, and then upward and onward. Take the performance check and discover our performance programmes for successful value enhancement.

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Digital Transformation

Put all the backstage chaos and dithering on digitalisation behind you. And steal the show with your digital performance. Determine your level of digital maturity and launch your own digital transformation.

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Resilience for Family Businesses

Take action now rather than allow yourself to become vulnerable. Take the family stress test, and discover for yourself the benefits of our E3 resilience formula for family businesses.

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Preventive Restructuring (StaRUG)

Crisis recognised, crisis averted. Early crisis recognition and new preventive restructuring framework. What does it take, what does it bring, and how can it be used to your advantage?

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Restructuring Reports according to IDW S6 / BGH

Crisis? Surmountable! Turnaround? Fundable! Future? Feasible! Find out more about IDW S6. From our guidelines, and our restructuring consultants.

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Evaluation according to IDW S11

IDW S11 was drawn up by the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (IDW) [“Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer”] as a standard for the assessment of possible grounds for insolvency.

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Business Model Redesign

In every today, there’s a better tomorrow. Identify and improve your company’s value generators, and eliminate any value destroyers with the help of our “value loop” (“Wertschleife®”).

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IBR and Planning Plausibility Check

Complex planning – we make it easy. Planning includes “rehearsing” for all eventualities – trying things out. Which is why “forward-planning” and “backward-planning” are integral parts of any successful planning process.

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Securing Financing

Time is money. Confidence is more money. Critical financing situations cannot be managed “just like that”. Instead, they require liquidity planning, financial restructuring experts and the SMP financing network.

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Value Benchmarker

Having potential is good. Being able to validate it is better. Start your best-performance diagnosis now. In just five days, we will identify your achievable benchmark goals and the indicative measures on the way to achieving them.

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Stakeholder Management

Radical realism and extraordinary acceptance. Take the self-test for entrepreneurs on professional communication with financers, and benefit from the broad experience of our experts on corporate finance and sophisticated stakeholder management.

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Value-adding Sustainability

It is time for business models to focus on sustainability. And time for you to set up your own corporate performance and resilience for the future with a targeted sustainability strategy.

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