Benjamin Klenk


Diploma in Industrial Engineering Stuttgart, *1978 At Struktur Management Partner since 2006

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"If you are not willing to change anything, you will also lose what you want to preserve."


Born in 1978 in the cost-conscious Swabian region of Germany, working as a management consultant was not really the focus of my professional goals. However, my training as an industrial engineer at the Technical University of Karlsruhe and the University of Trondheim showed me early on the advantage of a connection between business management insights and operational know-how. When I got to know Struktur Management Partner at the end of my studies in 2006, I saw this as the unique opportunity to cover these two fields. After all, numerical know-how and implementation competence are the prerequisites for a successful turnaround and the sustained profitable orientation of business models – at least from our point of view!
After joining Struktur Management Partner in 2006, I developed numerous concepts and have managed more than 50 projects focusing on retail and consumer goods as well as digital transformation – always with a focus on sales opportunities and profitable growth areas. I have been a partner and shareholder of our company since 2016.


  • Concept development and active implementation of turnaround and revenue enhancement projects
  • Head of Industry Centre Retail & Consumer Goods
  • Head of CompetenceCentre Digital Transformation


  • Since 2006 more than 35 clients in more than 50 projects for upper-level medium-sized companies, often with an international orientation in German and English-speaking regions.
  • Setup and further development of digitalisation excellence, especially in the e-commerce sector.

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