Monika Dussen


Diploma in Industrial Engineering Hamburg, *1977 At Struktur Management Partner since 2005

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"Those who fight can lose. Those who don’t fight have already lost. Together with our clients we fight for their success with full commitment and in the most difficult situations."


After successfully completing my studies in industrial engineering in Karlsruhe and Grenoble in 2004, my expectations of the attractiveness of a job in the automotive industry were quickly disappointed and the German Mittelstand attracted my interest. The focus on medium-sized businesses and family businesses coupled with the exciting field of active turnaround management (in addition to several fellow students who had already worked for Struktur Management Partner) convinced me to join Struktur Management Partner in 2005.

A good decision, which led to the admission into the partnership at Struktur Management Partner in 2010. Today I am mainly responsible for implementation projects with active management support by Struktur Management Partner, if necessary in the role of CFO or CRO.

Internally, I am responsible for Operations and Interim Management together with Marc-René Faerber.


  • Design and implementation of turnaround programs
  • Responsible operational management of turnaround programs (CFO / CRO / general power of attorney)
  • CompetenceCentre Operations
  • Projects with a focus on automotive suppliers and foodstuffs


  • Many years of experience in turnaround practice and responsible management in over 20 projects since 2004.
  • Interim management of a family business in the food industry with a turnover of 230 million EUR, with subsequent award from the Handelsblatt for the excellent restructuring and restoration of economic independence for the family and the company.

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