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Digitalisation has long since taken hold of all industries. However, only a few companies have so far consistently exploited the enormous potential for digital value enhancement.

The dramatic tempo of digitalisation has instead plunged most companies into a latent strategy crisis – which can quickly turn into a threatening liquidity and existential crisis. At an unbelievable pace, boundaries between industries are blurring, new competitors are changing tried-and-tested rules of the game, traditional value chains are breaking up, and once successful business models are disappearing.

So how do you successfully navigate the immense complexity of digitalisation? How do you identify the right digital value levers to effectively stay ahead? What is effective in the short term, and what can support a long-term strategy? And how does it all pay off?


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The six value levers of digital

1. Process digitalisation

This value lever includes all digitalisation measures that have an impact on revenues in the short to medium term. How can internal processes be made faster and cheaper? How do I digitalise correctly to save resources, extend runtimes and avoid production downtimes?

2. Marketing and sales digitalisation

This is about nothing less than increasing a company’s turnover in the short to medium term. What are the real benefits of online marketing measures, e-commerce shops or sales via digital trading platforms such as Amazon? How does the digital linking of sales channels (so-called omnichannels) work? How can digital applications be used to optimise traditional sales channels and how do I use my own website in a targeted way?

3. Digital analytics

This lever comprises all digitalisation measures that collect, process and evaluate digital data to optimise entrepreneurial decision-making. Through the networking of a product, for example, its actual use by the customer can be analysed in detail, providing information that can be used to develop the product further in a specific way and also to create new products, services and business models that are relevant for the customer.

4. Customer experience

This is about creating digital services around a company’s traditional product portfolio to improve customer experience. How do you increase sales opportunities and customer satisfaction and loyalty without monetising them separately? How do you set yourself apart from the competition? How do you increase conversion rates in new customer acquisition? How do you successfully sell services? And what leads to higher satisfaction among existing customers?

5. New products/services

This value lever puts the focus on the creation of digital services that are monetised towards existing or new customer groups. For which products can additional, complementary software applications be offered?

6. New business models

The “supreme discipline” of digital transformation: new business models. Which sustainably effective strategic digitalisation initiatives will not only change a company’s value positioning (product combination/market combination), but also lead to a significant reconfiguration of its value creation and/or value capture (profit mechanism)?


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How to make your digital transformation a success

Only a few SMEs are happy with the results of their digitalisation efforts. All too often, value is destroyed with hectic digital actionism, superficial “innovation theatre” and a lack of digital know-how. With the right process, on the other hand, digital transformation works.

1. Digital vision and strategy

We conduct an impartial analysis of your situation on the basis of which we then develop an ambitious yet realistic strategy together in the form of pragmatic roadmap tailored to your company’s individual situation and focused on its strengths.

2. Digital value levers

In coordination with your relevant departments we execute the digital strategy via packages of specific measures, taking account of the six digital value levers. We prioritise these measures accordingly based on evaluation of their effectiveness and implementation time.

3. Organisation, culture and leadership

We introduce a digital governance regime to systematically yet adaptively drive the digital transformation forward. We provide effective change management support aimed at making the organisation more adaptable.

4. Digital skillsets

We identify the digital skillsets in the three areas of organisation, data and technology that are critical for success. Starting strictly from the actual status quo, we then develop a plan to close any existing gaps.

5. Digital ecosystems

We create a robust digital ecosystem around your business that adds value for clients, generating true synergies.

Our approach

Analysis phase

A pragmatic start has proven successful, with a workshop to determine your digital maturity and involving the first and second management levels of your company. In the workshop we set our perception and experiences from outside against your internal expertise, discuss the digital trends for your business with you, look at examples of digitally successful SMEs, and evaluate the digital developments of competitors’ businesses, platforms and relevant start-ups.

Hypothesis phase

The hypotheses and priorities we have elaborated then serve as the basis for a two- to three-week analysis phase, during which a realistic picture of the starting position is drawn up, as well as the opportunities, risks, strengths and weaknesses of your company.

Reflection and elaboration phase

In a second workshop we will work with you to develop a solid strategic roadmap based on our findings from the first. In less than four weeks it is generally clear exactly what needs to be done, and how.

Implementation phase

We will also be happy to assist you with the subsequent elaboration and implementation. We allow ourselves to be measured by our results and can often draw on a proven ecosystem of numerous relevant partners with very specific digital competences (e.g. machine learning).

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