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Crisis and success – the two sides of the entrepreneurial coin.

Crisis situations are part of almost every company’s history. And no company is safe from them. The rapid developments in increasingly cut-throat global competition and the digital transformation of organisations and societies can force almost any company to have to take drastic adjustment measures at short notice – up to and including a strategic change of course.

The crucial question is how do you deal with such crises, and with whom? Recapitalisation, restructuring or turnaround? As pioneers of growth-oriented turnaround in Germany, we count on an extremely rapid turnaround to get the company (back) on track for success as soon as possible. How we systematically set up, successfully guide and effectively adjust such a process is what we call turnaround management. With an implementation strategy geared towards maximum impact, we ensure that the tide turns again for your company. Our focus is not on cost-cutting, but on a value-oriented redesign of the business model.

The approach: holistic, value-oriented, effective.

To ensure that your way back to success is not only rapid, but also sustainable in the long term, we consciously pursue a value- and growth-oriented approach to turnaround management. We focus on the structures, the people, and the performance of our clients. And plan our redesign of the business model and the measures we recommend accordingly. In order to achieve a sustainable change for the better, it is necessary to define, adhere to and if necessary adjust the value positioning and value discipline of a company in a targeted way. At the same time, it is essential to bear in mind the financing partners, financing structures, and above all the financial burden, and to restructure in a way that takes account of the specific situation and risk.

Thanks to our own value-based business model approach, our broad knowledge of the sector and implementation, and our toolbox of tried-and-tested methods, we can also implement our comprehensive, holistic turnaround programme with great speed.

Our approach to turnaround management

The main focus in all of our recommendations is on the feasibility of our turnaround concept, the actions we recommend, and our catalogues of measures. Because only if absolutely everyone involved in the turnaround process understands exactly what needs to be done when, where, and why to achieve successful results can our work for our clients be successful. And it should and must be successful!

The growth-oriented turnaround concept

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