Dr. Hans-Joachim Grabow

Senior Advisor

Diploma in Business Studies, MSc, EMCCC (Insead) Mönchengladbach, *1961 At Struktur Management Partner since 1993

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"In the management of difficult situations, the hardworking person will eventually experience the reversal of Murphy's Law."


After studying Economics and German in Aachen, Cologne and Vienna, I joined the then founder-managed Struktur Management Partner GmbH in autumn 1993 as a consultant. I quickly realized that effective restructuring is a very demanding task, which to this day brings with it a steep learning curve with satisfying as well as painful experiences. The development of solutions in different contexts requires not only first-class analytical and methodological tools, but above all an interest in working with people. Because people change organizations, not the other way around. I am therefore also very pleased that I was able to deepen the coaching of people in my later development through courses of study at INSEAD, among others.


  • Conception and management of situations of radical change with management responsibility at client companies, Turnaround/restructuring management and growth management
  • Specialized in strategy, implementation and change management processes


  • 24 years of experience in conceptual design in German medium-sized businesses with over 110 projects in a wide variety of industries

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