Dr. Darko Jordanovski


Dipl.-Biol. Cologne, *1983 At Struktur Management Partner since 2014

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"Change is the only real constant in life."


I hold a natural sciences doctorate, so I am used to breaking down complex issues into “bite-size” packets and defining specific analytical priorities so as to obtain quantifiable results. I’ve always been interested in how it occurs that normally well-functioning systems at some point become misaligned, and then in particular how these problems are resolved. At Struktur Management Partner I have been able to study such questions in a business and turnaround context since joining the firm in 2014. When I came to Struktur Management Partner I had some executive education and a certificate under my belt as well as some project management experience, and was looking to build on this valuable basis by learning about SMEs and consulting, thinking I would probably move on after a couple of years ... But I have found the work at this firm to be very meaningful on a personal level and I love the focus on implementation here, so I stay on! In my role today I generally get involved after things have gotten serious, in more demanding projects where I am often active in questions of court-ordered versus out-of-court restructuring.


  • Designing and executing turnaround and earnings enhancement projects for larger mid-sized corporations
  • Designing 360-degree turnaround programmes (including IDWS6)
  • Corporate finance, managing projects of a more demanding nature
  • Court-ordered restructuring (primarily under the “self-administration” and “protective shield” legal principles)
  • Main industries: Mechanical and industrial engineering, automotive, renewable energies


  • Many years’ experience managing reorganisations, completing more than 25 projects within the last eight years
  • IPMA project management certification

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